Monday, January 4, 2010


Bonjour everyone!
Since we have been out of school, I have been de-junking my life and found my journal from when Bubba and I first went to France. All of our Polaroids were taped inside with stories below them :) I decided to share a few of my favorites as we prepare to head back!!!

The top left picture was from a box of film that got majorly messed up :( not sure how but every image had a huge blob on it, always in a different place! It was like a game every time we took a photo - would we be in the shot or would we be covered up by the BLOB!! Thankfully, the lounging mr. bubba made it in this particular one - we were about to walk down the Champs Elysee when we stopped to take a power nap. This was when we realized that public napping was now one of favorite past times :)

The top right picture was when we decided to have our first picnic in front of the tower. We had bread and cheese, wine, and chocolate. We didn't finish our wine (not because we couldn't... but because it looked like a storm was about to hit so we decided to dart home) We graciously gave it to a guy our age that was all alone :( and he happily took it!

The bottom left picture was the view from the house that we stayed in during our 10 day stay in Paris... pretty huh?! A family from my home town (Dallas, Texas) lived in this gorgeous and massive home but were on vacation so we had it all to ourselves. They lived in Garches, France - a commune in the western suburbs of Paris. It was only about a 20 minute train ride into the city and we couldnt have loved it more. We had the combination of small town in the mornings and evenings but spent the afternoon exploring the busy inner city, sigh...... THANK YOU MORRISON FAMILY!

The bottom right picture was on our last day, as we sadly wandered a few more tiny streets before heading home :( we leave in.... 54 days! and as of right now - we dont have a return ticket :) love it.


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