Wednesday, August 18, 2010

things we left behind...



This is officially our last Paris post, how sad huh? From now on, we will be sharing our adventures in California - our new stomping grounds! Berkeley has already exceeded our expectations so we can guarantee there will be lots of fun news to share :)

So this post is dedicated to what we left behind - first and foremost, the city itself - PARIS :( Of coarse we have been going through withdrawals... We actually had a really funny oops moment a few days ago. Here it is.... whenever we went grocery shopping in Paris, we took our little canvas bag and walked around the corner to the closest market. Typically we just got a few things for the day. Well, we decided we needed to make our first grocery run here in Berkeley - so we grabbed our canvas bag and walked to Safeway, a much larger grocery store than what we were used to in Paris! We grabbed our shopping basket and filled it to the brim - cookies, salsa, JIFF peanut butter... tons of american treats that we didn't have the luxury of enjoying overseas! We pay, grab our 5 or 6 bags and realize that we didn't drive a car that could assist us home and that our tiny Parisian apartment is not right around the corner! We end up stuffing as much as we can in my purse and bubba's backpack to make the truck home a bit easier. We smiled as we walked home and realized that Paris left an impression on us - one that we will never forget...

The bicycle shown above is something else that we left behind. It's Bubba's and he loved it. It swiftly carried him around one of the most beautiful cities in the world for 5 months and on it's last ride, it EXPLODED!!! We were on our way to sell our bikes to some friends and Bubba's bike literally fell apart... He kicks it, curses a bit, and locks it up to the nearest fence for abandonment. Au Revoir bike! Such a dramatic ending to a beautiful relationship :) ha!**

....last but not least, the image of bubba's shoes sums up our time in Paris and with Fat Tire. We played/worked so hard & these shoes are proof of that! These shoes were brand new when we left for France. They were his christmas gift and just about the only pair of closed toed shoes he has (had). After 5 months of long, and I mean LONG, days of guiding tourists around, unexpected rain storms, bike explorations around the city, walks down the Seine, tromping up flights of stairs, trips to the market, etc etc.... They were goners! They were falling apart to the point of no return, as we threw them away and packed up our bags :)

Goodbye shoes, goodbye bicycles, goodbye Paris - we will miss you :(

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