Sunday, April 11, 2010

more boppin' around!!


Just some more boppin' around the city!

1. AMAZING nougat :)
2. more nougat
3. I hit the jackpot for great rings!
4. & 5. cute illustrations at a cafe!
6. FABRIC! Mmmm
7. A good street
8. The Fat Tire office dog, Shae :)


  1. MMMMM love nougat. Your Mom and I went to a festival in Oak Cliff yesterday in the Bishop Arts District. Fun. You will love that area she said.


  2. Emma your artwork sighting is on my blog! Trip to Oak Cliff with your Mom too. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Kids, Just got my new computer and working to figure everything out. Aunt LaLa gave me your address and I wanted to check it out before I went to bed. I can't believe you are in Paris. the Pictures are great. Check on your blog tom. Love you bunches. Did you get my card that I bought in England?

  4. are those handkerchiefs? scarves? i want them! all of them!!!

  5. They are fabric squares.... And then you could buy in bulk too! I was so very tempted to go crazy and get lots :)