Monday, April 5, 2010

book, please!!!


So Bubba and I went to mass at Notre Dame with our roomies for Easter! After pushing past the crowds and finding a cozy spot to watch from... we then sat out front of the church for a while :) We hopped on our bikes to head home for dinner and ran across this place. I had heard about it a few times but hadn't found the time to hunt it down. I love it when you just happen to fall upon something.... so fun and convenient. Anywhoo, I have been wanting a book (in english) and they have them at this bookstore! After wandering around - I decided on a book of short stories! Very excited to sit by the river on a nice day and dive into it.

Hope everyone had a good one!!


  1. i love shakespear and company! i could just get lost in there allllll daaaaay loooooong.....

  2. Did you do the graphics on the wallpaper! Looks like your work. WE did come across your art in a store in Norman. Melissa and I were looking around and Lynley started hollering, really! We were like, "what Lynley", "it's Emma's ". It was at a store called Birdie. It was so fun to experience seeing you when we weren't expecting too. Bought some of your notecards! Of course the one with Bubba! Took pictures will post on my blog soon.