Monday, March 22, 2010


SO I just learned what 'dinking' was the other night.
Since Bubba had a flat tire, we shared a bike together.
I rode on the seat (and luggage rack thing...) while he rode the bike.
It was 1. painful ( i have bruises on my bum) but 2. really funny!

We were going to the movies on Saint Germain with some friends :)
Of coarse we stopped at the most amazing candy stand ever.
Guess how much $$ bubba spent on candy!?
twenty whole euros! woah woah!
If you didn't know already, bubba loves candy! haha

Right now, you can see any movie at any theatre in france for 3 euros
(tomorrow is the last day...)
We have seen two movies so far and plan to fit another in tomorrow!
Im not feeling very well so it's perfect timing....
Cheers to movies!

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