Saturday, February 27, 2010

Apartment choices!

Okay so I am not going to search for one more apartment! I have probably put in at least 50 hours of online time looking for the perfect place! I have given up..... I feel so defeated! As of late, we have 2 options!

Option #1: is so very swank-ily decorated, has a window and balcony - one of my main requirements :), and is surprisingly affordable. We have a couple lined up that we could share it with if they liked it too! The owner is a feisty frenchman though so we will see....


Option #2: Also affordable, definitely not decorated as cool - doesn't have a balcony :(, and no roomies... but.... it is a little north of the Champ Elysee in a beautiful neighborhood. The owner is american and has already set up a time that we can see the apartment!


We will see how the next few days play out :) Fingers crossed for the swanky one!

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  1. When you finally do get internet, HI Bubba and Emma! Hope everything is going as planned and if not hope it is not going too badly off schedule. Emma your Mom sent your billboard picture around, just gorgeous. Bon Soir, Lala